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Why Pre-Employment Screening?

You can earn substantial revenue working for employers from behind the scenes, from an office or from home at your own pace.

The recent economic downturn has led millions to act upon their dream to own their own businesses. Accurate Data Service's Expert Trainer, Dick Callahan, can teach you all you need to know to operate your new Pre-Employment Screening Business. Dick will advise and guide you how to begin today. Learn how to perform pre-employment screening, background investigations, criminal and driving histories and become a people finder. We can even help you completely launch your business with our custom professional website design, logo design and stationery design packages.

Employers all over the United States need your valuable pre-employment screening services. Once you start your business and learn pre-employment screening techniques, you will be dealing with Human Resources specialists paying you to research job candidates. You can earn substantial revenue working for employers from behind the scenes, from an office or from home at your own pace. You will learn to research and report your results before the employer hires. Your business can be operated during regular business hours, at night or even part-time.

As the owner of your home based business, you will learn to offer domestic and global background screening techniques. Your research is valuable to Risk Mitigation experts for businesses worldwide. The work you perform will assist employers to make responsible employment determinations. Our expert trainer will show you how to succeed in your home based business.

The importance of providing research to your clients is tremendous. Your services are not only for employers but for homeowners, families and Seniors alike. Before someone is hired to perform services in your home, you want to know more about that person. The families in your community need your services to make the right choices. You will learn how to find public record information about babysitters, cleaning companies, construction workers, potential mates and acquaintances. Someone getting married may feel uncertain and rely upon your research to assist them in defining what problems their potential spouse may have had in their past.

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