The Public Records System came with our forefathers and was used to notify interested parties that someone or something had legal dealings with another. It was notice to the world that a person owned a piece of property and had bundled rights to that property. Claims were "staked" in the county office in gold rush days with property being deeded today in much the same manner.

Today one can record or file on the public record not only deeds but notice of legal actions, name changes, civil judgments, mortgages, all manner of law suits, as well as any legal notice or filing against anyone or anything. The public record keeps track of taxes owed, the probate of wills, utility liens, rights of way, and anything else that has a legal standing. As you can see the Public Record is far reaching and permeates our lives.

Large data base companies now provide access to these records with the majority of the records now available on the Internet. Public Record Information also includes a person's criminal history, driving history and general demographic information used by screening companies to help their clients hire the very best people. It is with this use that Accurate Data Service came into being and continues to prosper utilizing a large range of the Public Records System.

The demands placed on Mr. Callahan by individuals and businesses from across the nation resulted in the determination that there was a need for the company to extend its product offerings to General Background investigations and eventually Employment Verification Services. The company then started the creation of working manuals, operating procedures and the use of third party proprietary computer software to further enhance the smooth operation of the business.