Certified Research Specialist

Starting a new business is never easy. Most people invest years engaging in a trial and error process to learn how to operate an at-home business. Our expert trainer can assist you in avoiding costly traps when starting your at-home business. Accurate Data Service has perfected the road map to success for your at-home business. Not only do we teach you all the required procedures, our expert trainer also trains you in the use of all pertinent technology and research tools to achieve your success.

The public records system relied upon by most at-home business owners came into existence by our forefathers. Back in the day, public records were primarily used to notify interested parties that someone or something was subject to legal proceedings. In the old days, public record was sufficient notice to a person that owned property and had bundled rights to that property. Early on, property claims were "staked" in the county office back in gold rush days. Today people can record or file public record not only involving property deeds, but also notice of legal actions, name changes, civil judgments, mortgages, all manner of lawsuits as well as any legal notice or filing against anyone or anything. The public record keeps track of taxes owed, the probate of wills, utility liens, rights of way, and anything else that has legal standing. As you can see the Public Record is far reaching.

Business Training - Opportunity on CD - Large database companies now provide access to public records with the majority of public records now available directly through the Internet. The public records information you can research includes criminal histories, driving histories and general demographic information used by screening companies to help hire the best employees. Accurate Data Service continues to prosper by utilizing a large portion of the public records system. A training program has been developed for the business opportunity and is now offered on CD. Comprehensive training for the business opportunity is a step-by-step method for you to start and implement your business. This is in addition to our award-winning support which consists of e-mail or telephone support for as long as you need it. The training program brings together the three facets of the business, as well as the marketing and sources of public record information. Our training culminates in a Certificate designating you a Certified Public Records Researcher.

Federal Rules: We also train you in applicable federal law and Industry Protocol rules and regulations for the use and application of public records. They include: The Drivers Protection Act, The Graham, Leach, Bliley Act, The Fair Credit and Reporting Act, The Freedom of Information Act.

You will be shown examples of all screens used in the business and how to market them. Pricing examples and discount schemes are also a part of the manuals and training. Sample ads are shown and where to place them discussed. Cost limitations for various publication types are suggested.