Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I do with this business? Who are your customers going to be? Who will use your service? How much Money will I make?

    These are just a few of the questions I get on an almost daily basis from folks just like you who want to make money in a business of their own. They are tired of the daily grind of making enough to get by but not enough to have a reasonable life. Not an "over the top" life, not a "high on the hog" life or even a "better than average" life. How would you like to have an extra $1000.00 in your checking account at the end of every month? How would you like to send your kid to camp next summer or maybe afford that upgrade in your cable service every month? The point I'm trying to make here is not that this business is going to make you a millionaire, it's not. It's not that it is even going to eliminate your family budget, it won't. The fact is that this business is going to put money in your pocket you will spend more but here's the thing, you will have it to spend, it will be cash and it will be over and above your normal salary. Sound good?

  • So who will use you and your new business? Who are your customers?

    Small Business People, Corporations, Condominium Associations, Apartment/Rental Property Owners, People In New Relationships/Online Daters, Government Contractors, School Boards and more...


    We will assist you in your marketing efforts: What works, and more importantly, what doesn't! We will provide you with the actual Ads, Flyers, and Brochures that have been successful for us. We will introduce you to your suppliers. Some of the people you will use as sources don't do business with just anybody. They must be careful whom they accept information from as well as who they give information to. They must trust you and your judgment.


    We are not. We will take none of your profits! Once set up, you will be independent of me or anyone else. There are no non-compete agreements to restrict your ability to do business. You will be free to operate in any way that works for you, anywhere you want.


    Build your business part time. This is a client driven business. It is not a get rich quick or Multi-Level Marketing operation. Clients are customers who pay you for a service you render. There is no down line that may or may not put money in your pocket. There are no products to fill up your garage. This is a computer business, your product is digital. If you follow my recommendations as outlined in the opportunity you will never touch a piece of paper. Your printer will sit there and look at you.